Top news, April 30 – May 6, 2018 has compiled the top news from marine energy industry from April 30 until May 6, 2018.

Tidal and wave pass UK’s triple test dare

The Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult has published a new evidence-based assessment that shows the UK’s marine energy industries can meet the government’s requirements for emerging technology support.

When it comes to cost-reduction expectations, tidal stream has the potential to significantly reduce costs from approximately £300 per MWh today to below £90 per MWh within 1GW deployment, with the possibility of further reductions with additional focus on innovation and continued reductions in cost of capital, according to the report.

United States hands out $23 million to boost marine energy

The Energy Department of the United States has set up a $23 million funding call to support marine energy industry advancement in wave, tidal, ocean and river current technologies.

The goal of this funding opportunity is to advance innovative technologies to reduce capital costs and shorten deployment timelines of marine energy devices.

Tidal Sails scores over €900K for tidal demonstrator

Norwegian tidal energy developer Tidal Sails has secured government funding to support the demonstration of a 4.4MW full-scale tidal energy device.

The grant will assist ‘pre-project’ activities, led by MTS, which include fine tuning of Tidal Sails’ Self Adjustable & Variable Pitch Sail Control System to maximize the energy output from the currents within the structural integrity of the ropeway system, according to the company’s chief information officer, Erik Hynne.

AMOG validates its innovative wave energy concept

The concept for a new wave energy device that sits on rather than in the water, developed by engineering solutions company AMOG, has been validated at the facilities of the Australian Maritime College (AMC).

AMOG, short for Australian Marine & Offshore Group, is now developing a 1:3 scale model based on the calibrations obtained from their AMC testing and is preparing for a two to three month field test off the coast of Cornwall at the FaBTest site.

Seabased grabs Canary Islands wave power chance

Seabased, a Swedish wave energy company, has teamed up with Infocom Connect to provide wave power for commercial projects in the Canary Islands, off Spain.

The partnership will begin with a project for a pilot 5MW installation to provide energy for a desalination plant, but could expand to address multiple energy needs, from automobile recharging stations to supplying the grid, Seabased said.