Top news, June 22 – 28, 2015

Tidal Energy Today Staff has compiled the top news from tidal and wave energy industry from June 22 – 28, 2015.

Sabellas-D10-tidal-turbine-hits-water-TNSabella’s D10 tidal turbine hits water

Sabella, a Frech tidal energy developer, has installed its 1 MW D10 tidal turbine at Fromveur Passage, off Ushant Island. The crew of 25-45 people was present onboard, with 10 additional team members onshore, throughout the deployment operation. The cost of the project is estimated to be between €13-14 mln in total, and it will cover 15 to 20 percent of the Ushant island’s electricity consumption needs.

Engineers inspect MeyGen drilling bores

MeyGen project on-course to deliver power in 2016

Construction works continue at the onshore site, with three of the four directionally drilled bores now complete. MeyGen expects to mobilise vessels to install the power export cables later this year. Each cable will be brought to shore through these drilled bores for connection to the onshore control buildings. Phase 1A of the project will see the installation of four tidal turbines generating 6 MW of electricity in total.

Kepler Energy tidal fence illustration

Kepler Energy pushes ahead with tidal energy fence project

Kepler Energy, the developer behind tidal energy fence project, is embarking on a founding round to take forward the project through development phase and planning process. The project could be operational by 2020/21, and the worth of the 1 km long tidal fence project is estimated to be £143 million. It will be located in the Aberthaw to Minehead stretch of water, Bristol Channel.

Ambroise Fayolle (EIB); Carlos Moedas (EC)

EIB, EC to finance renewable energy demonstration projects

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Commission (EC) have launched the Energy Demo Projects facility. Through the facility, EIB and EC will provide loans to first-of-a-kind commercial-scale industrial demonstration projects in the fields of renewable energy and hydrogen and fuel cells, thus helping to bridge the gap from demonstration to commercialisation.

ISWEC device under preparations in Mazara del Vallo, Sicily

ISWEC ready for July deployment

Italy-based Wave for Energy plans to deploy its ISWEC wave energy device off Sicily in the second week of July. The subsea cables that will be used to connect the device to Pantelleria island’s grid have arrived to the island. Wave for Energy is waiting for the permission to lay the cable, and expects to receive it by the end of July. The energy produced from the prototype will be donated to the municipality of Pantelleria, following the approval to connect it to the island’s grid.


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