Photo: Courtesy of NYK

TotalEnergies-chartered LNG carrier LNG Endurance delivered

The new LNG carrier LNG Endurance, commercially managed by France LNG Shipping and under a long-term charter contract with French energy giant TotalEnergies, was delivered on 1 December.

TotalEnergies-chartered LNG carrier LNG Endurance delivered
Courtesy of NYK

South Korean shipyard Samsung Heavy Industries built the vessel. Its commercial manager France LNG Shipping is a French ship-owning company. Japan’s NYKLine and France’s Geogas LNG jointly own the said company.

LNG Endurance is a sister-ship of the LNG Enterprise and LNG Endeavour, which TotalEnergies took over earlier this year. All three will engage in LNG transportation

Being 293 metres long, the ship has a cargo capacity of 174,000 cubic metres, It features a membrane-type tank that will make use of advanced insulating materials to reduce the boil-off rate (percentage of gas volume that vaporizes during navigation).

It features a WinGD X-DF diesel engine that operates on fuel oil or boil-off gas stored in its cargo tank.

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In February, NYK released the  ‘NYK Group ESG Story‘. This is a guideline that aims to further integrate ESG into the company’s management strategy. In particular, NYK seeks to reduce GHG as it is working on new green businesses.

The NYK Group will build up stable freight rate businesses such as long-term contracts. It will also encourage new value creation through a business strategy that includes the transportation of LNG. LNG will be a low-carbon bridging fuel prior to the transition to future zero-emission fuels.