Trafigura books two eco-friendly VLCCs in China

Global commodity trading group Trafigura has placed an order for two environmentally friendly very large crude carriers (VLCCs) at Chinese shipyard Jiangsu New Hantong.

As informed, the Chinese shipbuilder will construct two 319,000-ton very large oil tankers for the trading giant. The vessels will be designed using advanced technology to meet the latest environmental protection and energy efficiency standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Furthermore, they will be built in strict accordance with international ship regulations. The ships are slated for delivery in the third quarter of 2026. 

Jiangsu New Hantong

The contract represents Jiangsu New Hantong’s debut in the VLCC market. The shipbuilder stated that the deal consolidates its position in the global shipbuilding market.  Its main products focus on two major ship types: bulk cargo and liquid cargo ships, as well as offshore products.

“The company will go all out to ensure that these two very large oil tankers are delivered on time and provide customers with high-quality standard ships; it will continue to be committed to technological innovation and product upgrades to cope with the continuous technological upgrading of the global shipbuilding market,,” Jiangsu New Hantong noted.

Meanwhile, Trafigura set an ambitious target of having at least six zero-emission green ammonia-fuelled vessels in its fleet by 2030 to achieve a 25% reduction in the GHG intensity of its shipping operations. The company is co-sponsoring the development of ammonia marine engines in collaboration with MAN Energy Solutions.

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The trading group is responsible for over 5,000 voyages annually, managing 30 owned vessels, and overseeing nearly 360 ships.

These six ships would represent approximately 18 percent of Trafigura’s currently owned fleet.