Photo: Courtesy: Tritech

Tritech launches new diver mounted display system

UK-based Tritech, a Moog company, has released its diver mounted display system (DMD) – the next generation of diver assisting sensors.

The DMD offers divers vision in zero-visibility water by utilising sonar technology.

The Tritech Gemini multibeam sonar is mounted on the diver’s mask or helmet and a monocle is installed over one eye, projecting a real time sonar image to the diver.

This image also transmits to the diver mounted display system control unit (DMD SCU) topside through a custom-made tether.

The DMD SCU allows communication between the diver and surface team, as well as data recording for after-mission review.

Divers can utilise the DMD in multiple applications, including search and recovery, military and commercial diving.

It helps to reduce mission time and helps underwater evidence recovery divers locate items up to 120 metres away.

Tritech DMD system

David Bradley, managing director at Tritech, stated:

“After several months of hard design and hands-on testing with the dive community, we believe we have a product that really adds value to our customers.

“This is a great step forward for Tritech as this is a complete solution including the Sonar, the surface and subsea computer platforms and all the necessary cabling for a truly plug and play experience.”

A DMD prototype rolled out in 2018, and due to its popularity Tritech decided to release a new product.

The DMD comes with a selection of three Tritech multibeam imaging sonars: the Gemini 720im; Gemini 720ik as well as the Gemini 1200ik dual frequency sonar.

It comes as a tethered system with an untethered version due for release shortly.