TT-Line’s 2nd LNG-fueled ferry ready to start service

Peter Pan, TT Line’s second ferry powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), is ready to start its service, the company revealed.


Peter Pan expands the capacity of the TT-Line fleet starting with the first departure from Travemünde to Trelleborg on 31 January. The vessel joined the firm’s fleet in November last year.

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The vessel features a length of 230 meters and a breadth of 31 meters, with dual-fuel engines produced by MAN Energy Solutions that can be powered by LNG.

The vessel design includes other environmental features such as charging points for electric cars, air seal for propeller shafts as well as improved hydrodynamics and an optimized hull with a specially designed bulbous bow.

The Green Ship concept of the company is designed to carry 800 passengers and more than 200 articulated trucks, trailers and containers.

The Green Ship design is developed in collaboration with Copenhagen-based designer, OSK-Shiptech.

To remind, the company welcomed the first LNG-powered ferry Nils Holgersson in March 2022.

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LNG has been described as a transitional fuel for the shipping industry for years now, and a practical solution for shipowners who want to act now on their emissions and not wait on the side-lines.

By switching to LNG, TT-Line expects to save 93% of particle emissions per year, reduce sulfur oxide emissions by 98 %, nitrogen emissions by 82 %, and cut CO2 emissions by up to 22% compared to marine gas oil.

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