Turbulence measurements for TTT3 project to start in June

Turbulence measurements for the project to expand research into the scale effects of tidal turbine performance known as Tidal Turbine Testing Phase 3 (TTT3) are expected to commence at the end of June, according to Nortek.

TTT3 will look at the difference between steady state and turbulent flow conditions and turbine interaction. As part of the project, a 1.5 m diameter turbine will be deployed in real tidal conditions at Strangford Narrows, Northern Ireland, and in idealised flow conditions at the water towing tank in CNR-INSEAN, Italy.

TTT3 builds upon the experience and results from deployment of two 1:10 scale horizontal axis tidal turbines.

Outcomes will be evidence of the influence of rotor design on performance, correction factors for scaling in test tanks, tidal turbulence and wave impact on thrust loading on turbines, according to ORE Catapult.

This will be coupled to the collection of an evidence base around observations of mammal interactions with deployed devices in Strangford Lough.

Norway-based company Nortek, which develops and manufactures acoustic Doppler current meters, current profilers and wave systems for use in the ocean, rivers, lakes and laboratories, is participating in the project by providing Nortek Signature1000 AD2CP current profiler for mean flow and turbulent kinetic energy (TKE) measurements.

TTT3 Project Barge (Photo: Nortek)
TTT3 Project Barge (Photo: Nortek)

The high-resolution TKE and mean velocity measurements provided by the instrument will be synchronised with the turbine’s torque and thrust performance, Nortek informed.

The Nortek Signature1000 will be mounted 2D downstream of the rotor enabling a comparison between the free stream flow and flow in the turbine’s wake to be characterized.

To accomplish this, the Signature1000 will be deployed from the barge pointing downwards, 0.5 m below the surface, recording the entire water column to the seabed 10 m below the surface.

The project is supported by public and industrial partners such as InvestNI, Applied Renewables Research, Schottel Hydro, Sustainable Marine Energy, Oceanflow Energy, QED Naval, McLaughlin and Harvey, Joules and ORE Catapult.