Two hydrogen filling stations to be installed at Port of Gothenburg

Swedish renewable energy system integrator Nilsson Energy is planning to install a hydrogen filling station for heavy vehicles at the Port of Gothenburg in line with the port’s strategy to accelerate the transport industry’s transition to fossil-free.

Nilsson Energy/Gothenburg Port Authority.
Artist’s depiction of the upcoming hydrogen filling station at the Port of Gothenburg. Image: Nilsson Energy/Gothenburg Port Authority.

The station will deliver green hydrogen generated by solar, wind or hydropower and will have the capacity to hold 1,500 kg of hydrogen for approximately 35 trucks per day.

The station, to be located by Gate 6 – the entrance to Gothenburg RoRo Terminal, is set to be completed in September 2023.

This SEK 35 million ($3.2 million) project is being financed in full by the Swedish Energy Agency.

“Building up storage of renewable energy in hydrogen is an important piece of the jigsaw in achieving the climate goals. As the Port of Gothenburg is a strategically important hub for heavy goods transport operations in Sweden, building a hydrogen filling station next to the port enables us to work together with the port and its various stakeholders to make a strong contribution to fossil-free transport operations of the future”, says Martina Wettin, co-founder and business development director at Nilsson Energy.

In addition to Nilsson Energy’s new hydrogen filling station, another station is also being planned in the port area. In 2023/2024, Circle K and OG Clean Fuels will be opening a hydrogen filling station as well.

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Having two independent hydrogen filling stations in the port area is more than twice as important as having just one, says Viktor Allgurén, head of Innovation at the Gothenburg Port Authority.

“The most important thing about having two stations is the peace of mind, knowing that it will be possible to have an uninterrupted opportunity to fill up with hydrogen at the port, even if one station is closed for maintenance or the like. That creates robustness in the infrastructure that is a decisive factor for haulage companies that are considering converting parts of their vehicle fleets to run on fuel cell technology.”

The initiative to build a network of hydrogen filling stations in the port is part of the Tranzero Initiative – an initiative to reduce emissions initiated by the Gothenburg Port Authority, Volvo Group, Scania and Stena Line. The goal is to accelerate the transport sector’s transition to fossil-free alternatives such as green hydrogen. The sights are set on both road and marine transport operations.

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