JAB Recruitment - Drillmar

Two recruitment specialists target drilling sector in Americas

Aberdeen-based recruitment services provider Drillmar Resources has joined forces with fellow JAB Recruitment to provide staffing solutions across the Americas.

Illustration; Source: JAB Recruitment

Drillmar has said it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with JAB Recruitment to create DRILLJAB, a joint project with a view to providing staffing solutions to the drilling contractor sector across the Americas.

Supported by JAB Recruitment’s Houston office, the newly-formed joint venture will enable Drillmar to extend its global footprint to the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America, while JAB Recruitment will expand its service capability in the region with further drilling expertise.

“Both organisations are market leaders in their own right with a wealth of experience in recruitment and in energy”, said Drillmar’s Managing Director, Raymond Bruce.

“JAB’s presence in and knowledge of the region will prove invaluable as we look to strengthen our service offering to existing clients with operations in the Americas and target new business”.

Andrew Ramsay, JAB’s CEO currently based in Houston, added: “The energy market is looking for alternative approaches from the manpower sector, we believe collaboration is key to expanding market share. Both JAB and Drillmar have worked tirelessly in order to preserve best practice & credibility in our respective fields, and we believe this approach is the winning formula for success”.

Both companies provide permanent and temporary recruitment solutions to the sector internationally.