UDS Orders New Ultra-Deep Multipurpose DSCV

Ultra Deep Solutions (UDS) has entered a contract to build one Ultra Deep Installer – Multipurpose Diving Support Construction Vessel, with an option for second vessel with an established China-based shipbuilding company, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (ZPMC).

UDS Orders New Ultra-Deep Multipurpose DSCV

This is in line with their growth strategy to design, construct and operate technologically-advanced specialized construction vessels. The vessel, which is based on the proprietary design “Red Class 6027” MT design DSCV, is a DP3, 142-meter state-of-the-art multipurpose subsea diving support construction vessel, and the planned delivery of the first vessel is early 2017. ZPMC’s was chosen for its well established company profile and its proven track record that will ensure the quality and timely delivery.

The contract, with an investment value of approximately USD $200M each vessel, marks UDS’s strategy to provide vessels with high tech solutions to the offshore industry worldwide. Leveraging on its years of experience in the subsea industry, UDS has combined the high tech, practicality and high safety standards, to design and build this DP3 18-man twin bell diving support construction vessel. It is designed to operate up to 4000m water depth, in collaboration with Marin Teknikk Norway, the world’s renowned global ship designer of such highly-spec vessels.

This new Ultra-Deep DSCV is equipped with Unique Hydra’s 18-man twin bell Saturation Dive System. Some of the features of the vessel are a 400 VLT in the reinforced moon pool area. The vessel also has 2 x 250HP Work Class ROV’s 3000-meter working depth installed in ROV hangers inside the vessel. In addition, it will have a 400 ton crane which has depth capability to 5200 m single fall and 3200m dual fall. The vessel’s 1,500m² open deck space and deck strength 10 ton² can facilitate a wide range of project required machinery and equipment.

The vessel is overall 142.90 meters long, breadth moulded 27.00 meters, with main depth deck of 11 meters and 1,500 m² @ 10.0t/m². The vessel has a trial speed of 14 knots, can accommodate 140 persons and weighs 8000 tons.

“With only 30 similarly-size but older vessels worldwide, and the requirement in the industry for safe yet fast-response vessels, UDS is poised to deliver such high standards of quality to the deep and ultra-deep water projects. The “Red Class 6027” combines the practicality, safety, reliability, efficiency and impressive subsea technology. We are confident that it will exceed the expectations of oil majors and offshore operators,” says Shel Hutton, Chief Executive Officer of UDS.

Press Release, September 01, 2014