UK Chamber Calls for Improvements in Shipping Safety

The UK’s shipping industry needs to undergo another step change to radically improve its safety culture, according to UK Chamber of Shipping.

During the UK Chamber’s annual summer lunch, Grahaeme Henderson, UK Chamber of Shipping president, spoke on how UK can lead the way in creating a safer and more prosperous maritime sector.

“In the last 10 years, there have been over 2,500 shipping incidents each year and 123 ships completely lost. Our shipping industry has a fatal accident rate 20 times that of the average British worker and five times that of construction,” Henderson said.

However, “people from across the industry sharing best practice, sharing their experiences, learning from one another,” this is the way to create a safer culture onboard ships, according to Hendersons.

“The times ahead will be tough, but Scotland and the UK have been world leading for centuries – and if Government and industry work together, we will continue to be world leading for centuries more to come.”

Additionally, he stressed that the country needs to continue to nurture its talent and “to become one of the safest, greenest industries on earth.”

Henderson also used his speech to reiterate the UK Chamber’s commitment to young people and their career prospects in shipping. Increasing government support would fund the training of at least 1,200 seafarers each year, he said.

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