UK: Coldharbour Marine Secures BWT Retrofit Contract for VLCC


Coldharbour Marine Limited, based in Alfreton in the United Kingdom, has secured an order to retrofit its ballast water treatment system on board a VLCC with the expected completion set for late March or early April. The company will be responsible for both delivery and installation of the system.

This practical solution to technical problems developed by Coldharbour Marine is constricted to fit large tankers, bulk carriers and LNG vessels and it reportedly accounts for the first retrofit of a VLCC with a BWT system. The only in tank/in voyage, inert gas based, G8 type BWT system currently available on the market is in possession of Coldharbour. Salient features incorporate stable ballasting or deballasting operations with no changes. Filters are not required and ballast pumps, pipes or systems do not record variations. There is no pressure drop and there is no need for additional power generation capacity. This system does not support chemicals, the possibility of disruption to ship operations in the event of breakdown does not exist, the risk of under treatment is excluded, regardless of intake water quality even with fresh water ballast. The ballast tank coating life has been improved and this reliable and affordable system is adaptable to changing standards in the years to come.

It is expected that further Suezmax/VLCC size installations will be reported during 2012.


World Maritime News Staff, February 17, 2012; Image: Coldharbour Marine