UK: Dogger Bank Creyke Beck Eye Catcher for North-East Businesses

UK: Dogger Bank Creyke Beck Eye Catcher for North-East Businesses

Dogger Bank Creyke Beck, a 2.4 GW offshore wind project proposed by Forewind, is an eye catcher for businesses in the UK’s North-East, a region which can provide a vast supply chain for the project’s development.

The Planning Inspectorate has accepted the project’s application just recently, and businesses from the North-East are now queuing up to get a piece of this large cake, which will, if approved, overtake the London Array’s title of the world’s largest offshore wind farm. 

“North-East firms can definitely benefit from this development, from the construction stage right through to the ongoing maintenance. We have a strong supply chain in the region that works together and collaborates extremely well on projects,” The Northern Echo quotes Joanne Leng, deputy CEO of NOF Energy and deputy chairwoman of Energi Coast as saying.

Modus, Tag Energy Solutions, JDR Cables, Deepocean, Reef Subsea and Soil Machine Dynamics could take opportunities that Dogger Bank Creyke Beck has to offer, as it would provide jobs for thousands of workers in construction and maintenance. Some of these companies have experience in building turbine parts, and some are experts in subsea works, such as trenching and cabling.

Nigel Ward, commercial director of Modus explained: “There could be 1,000 turbines on Dogger Bank and the project is something we would be very keen to get involved with. About half of our revenue comes from offshore renewables and we have worked on a number of projects, such as the Teesside wind farm, in Redcar, so we have the experience.”


Offshore WIND Staff, September 27, 2013; Image: Forewind