Photo: ORE Catapult

UK duo backs China’s offshore renewables growth

The TUS-ORE Catapult Research Centre (TORC) has joined forces with the UK Energy Technology Platform (ETP) to support China’s growth in offshore renewables and showcase innovative UK energy transition technologies.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will see the organizations jointly promote the development of offshore renewable energy in the UK and China, supporting the Belt and Road strategic cooperation between the two countries.

The agreement is expected to increase the visibility of UK energy technologies in the Chinese market and facilitate synergies between technologies and clients.

According to the parties, it will also enhance knowledge sharing among the ETP members and provide additional services to help identify and reach the right buyers for their technology.

“Operators, developers and end-users in the energy industry are keen to innovate, but they often struggle to know which technologies are available, and what has already been used by other operators and developers and in other parts of the world. For most in the energy sector, it can be almost overwhelming and impossible to find what is available quickly,” said Colin Black, Managing director at Carjon-NRG and UK partner for the UK ETP.

“This is where the MOU between TORC and the UK ETP comes into play, helping increase the visibility of UK technology in China and may also lead to potential Chinese inward investment in the UK.”