UK: ECA endorses tidal lagoons

Artist’s Impression – Swansea Bay tidal lagoon (Image: TLP)

Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) has reportedly endorsed the construction of tidal lagoons in the United Kingdom in a response to Government-commissioned review of tidal energy lagoons.

ECA has filed its views of strong support for tidal lagoon energy in UK to Charles Hendry, head of the independent review of tidal lagoons, The Construction Index reports.

“To help Britain to keep the lights – and everything else – on, the UK desperately needs investment in predictable renewable energy capacity. A key part of the UK’s low carbon energy mix has to be renewables, and tidal power offers the opportunity for Britain to be world leaders in this increasingly attractive route to electrical energy production and energy storage,” Paul Reeve, Director of business at ECA was quoted as saying by the Construction Index. “The ECA urges the government to show its commitment to energy security and tackling climate change by supporting a potentially game changing renewable energy sector in Wales.”

The review, launched in February this year, will assess the strategic case for tidal lagoons and whether they could play a cost effective role as part of the UK energy mix, with the findings of the review expected to be announced in autumn this year.

ECA is a UK-based trade association representing the interests of contractors who design, install, inspect, test and maintain electrical and electronic equipment and services.