UK: Expro Secures New Subsea Connector Systems Contract

International oilfield service company Expro has secured a £1.9million contract with FMC Kongsberg to supply connector systems to the Laggan-Tormore gas field development, 125 miles West of Shetland.

Expro’s Connectors & Measurements team will supply the 5kV connector systems to provide power to subsea control modules on the project. The scope of work also includes design and development work to meet the specific subsea electrical layout of the project.

Expro has established a global reputation for the manufacture and delivery of its market-leading Tronic subsea connector technology, providing the industry’s most reliable way of communicating in deepwater developments.

The Laggan-Tormore gas fields lie in water depths of up to 600m in the UK Continental Shelf.

Expro Connectors & Measurements director Mark Jones said: “This is one of our first power connector projects dealing directly with FMC Kongsberg and we are delighted to have secured this contract with such an important customer.

“Our 5kV connector system has been used predominantly for linking to electrical submersible pumps, but on this project it is being used to provide power to the subsea control module on a long stepout project. As the industry moves towards ever-longer stepouts, this will present increasing opportunities for our 5kV system and we look forward to delivering to the highest standards for FMC Kongsberg throughout this project and beyond.”


Source:EXPRO , November 23, 2010;