UK firm completes gas pipeline burial for Sapura Energy

UK firm completes gas pipeline burial for Sapura Energy

Aberdeen-based Rotech Subsea has completed gas pipeline burial operations in the Caribbean for oilfield services provider Sapura Energy.

Rotech Subsea

Rotech Subsea mobilized its TRS1 Controlled Flow Excavation (CFE) spread in June to execute the work scope at a location offshore Trinidad and Tobago, as part of a recent ramping up of activity in the Americas.

Operating at water depths of between 17-27 meters, in loose sand and soft clay, the TRS1 tool buried 16 kilometers of 203mm diameter subsea gas pipeline linking a well and platform to a minimum depth of 0.5 meters (TOP).

Deployed by a vessel crawler crane, the suspended jet trenching tool was guided along the pipeline route using two pneumatic tugger winches positioned forward and aft of an anchor barge.

Rotech Subsea provided the winches, fairleads and compressor to power both winches. According to the company, the scope was completed in seven operational days, well within the 10 days scheduled.

We are delighted to deliver this pipeline burial scope for valued client, Sapura. With projects also being delivered in North America, it marked a further foray into the region for Rotech Subsea,” said Rotech Subsea Director of Subsea, Stephen Cochrane.

“For carrying out this project our team adapted our operating protocols to accommodate use of an anchor barge. We completed the project ahead of schedule with the pipeline lowered to approximately 1m, giving a typical TOP of 0.8 m to 0.9 m.”

In September, Rotech announced it had secured a new contract in the U.S. after having completed a four-month cable de-burial and re-burial campaign at the first French commercial-scale offshore wind farm.

The company also recently set up an entity in Taiwan to service the demand coming from the local offshore wind sector.