UK: Latchways Delivers 3000th Offshore Fall Arrest System

UK Latchways Delivers 3000th Offshore Fall Arrest System

Having supplied fall protection systems to over 27 European offshore wind farms, and with another major offshore project successfully secured, Latchways plc continue to position themselves as the undisputed market leader in offshore fall protection—with the ManSafe® Sealed SRL for vessel to turbine transfer.

The ManSafe Sealed SRL (Self Retracting Lifeline) is a fall arrest system utilised for vessel to turbine transfer whilst offshore, enabling a safe ascent or descent of turbine foundation access ladders. Specifically developed to ensure long-term performance, the unit is designed with a series of seals to ensure all critical components remain impervious to external contaminants. Independent testing has verified the unit with an Ingress Protection rating of IP69K—making the ManSafe Sealed SRL the highest IP-rated SRL available!

The development of a much simpler energy-absorbing braking mechanism (Constant Force), meant the Latchways ManSafe Sealed SRL was widely anticipated in the fall protection industry as a “game changing” retractable—not being reliant on traditional, less reliable, friction-based technology. With its innovative modular design, the unit is favoured by offshore operators due to the minimal inspection requirements—an ‘inspection’ which comprises a series of simple audible, visual and tactile checks which can all be carried out offshore—and therefore significantly reducing the amount of time the unit is out-of-action. Compared to more traditional SRLs, the ManSafe Sealed SRL is not reliant on complicated “recalibration” annually or even after 5+ years—which would typically need to be undertaken in a factory/service centre environment. To further reduce downtime and lifetime ownership costs, Latchways offers a complete inspection and maintenance training programme to all ManSafe Sealed SRL customers, enabling complete “self-sufficiency” in the day-to-day running of an SRL fleet.

Latchways has been actively operating in the offshore wind sector with the ManSafe Sealed SRL for over four years and works closely with operators across Europe to truly understand the harsh environments that any offshore product must be built to withstand. The ManSafe Sealed SRL is proven to perform consistently whether during the intensive “high traffic” construction phase of a project or following hand over to Operation and Maintenance teams.

In the UK alone, ManSafe Sealed SRLs can be found on over 90% of offshore turbines, including the three largest UK projects – these being London Array, Gwynt y Mor and Greater Gabbard. With multiple future projects secured, including several German farms still in development phase, Latchways are the undoubted market leader in offshore ladder fall protection solutions.


Press release, August 19, 2013; Image: LATCHWAYS