UK: Perenco hands in Tyne decommissioning plan

Source: Perenco

Oil and gas company Perenco has submitted its draft decommissioning program for Tyne South and Guinevere installations in the North Sea to the UK authorities. 

Source: Perenco

According to Perenco’s draft decommissioning program submitted for consultation on Friday, July 20, Perenco plans to remove to shore the Tyne South topsides, jacket, and subsea installation for re-use or recycling.

The Tyne field was discovered by well 44/18-1 in 1992. Production started in November 1996. Due to reduction of gas production, continued operations were uneconomical and the field ceased production in November 2015.

The Tyne field is located in block 44/18a in the Southern North Sea approximately 188km off the coast of Norfolk and 184km off East Yorkshire. The Tyne platform was installed in 1996 and exports wet gas through a 20” line to the Trent Platform Mobile Offshore Application Barge (MOAB).

On Trent MOAB the gas is processed, water separated, cleaned up and discharged. After compression the gas is exported to Bacton on the Norfolk coast via the EAGLES pipeline system.

The Tyne platform is a Normally Unattended Installation (NUI) with maximum personnel on board (POB) of 12 and a temporary overnight shelter.

Before deciding to remove to shore the Tyne South topsides, jacket and subsea installation for re-use or recycling, Perenco assessed several options for the use of the platform including extending the producing life of the platform, utilizing it as an infrastructure hub for third party tie backs and enhanced recovery program, but none proved commercially viable.

Offshore Energy Today Staff