UK: P&O Maritime Provides Crew Transfer Solutions to Statoil-Scira Wind Farm

UK - P&O Maritime Provides Crew Transfer Solutions to Statoil-Scira Wind Farm

P&O Maritime is currently chartering the third of its purpose built Crew Transfer Vessels the Chinook to Statoil — Scira on Sheringham Shoal. Delivered in February 2012, the Chinook will provide crew and equipment transfers on Sheringham Shoal until Q3 2012.

The successful delivery of this contract is a demonstration of the technical capability of the P&O Maritime’s Crew Transfer Vessels and consolidates the Company’s position as a provider of “premium tailored vessel solutions” to the European Offshore Wind market.

Alan Rowan, General Manager, P&O Maritime, said “The delivery of this contract to Statoil demonstrates the technical capabilities of P&O Maritimes Crew Transfer Vessels. We look forward to providing similar solutions to our clients in the European Offshore Renewable Market and to exceeding our Clients’ expectations for the provision of tailored vessel solutions.”

Meindert Jan van der Velde, Marine Manager Sheringham Operation, Statoil ASA, said: “The Chinook has proven to operate in the top-league of our personnel transfer fleet capabilities. In addition, our technicians do appreciate the Chinook. To maintain our high HSE standards; our demands are set high. The crew of the Chinook show a very positive attitude to our demands. Thus summarising into 2 words: “top player.”

P&O Maritime’s 50 years’ experience as a maritime service provider ensures that it can offer its Clients a range of vessels which are operated to the highest industry safety standards. P&O Maritime’s multi-purpose vessels have been specifically designed for the European offshore renewables market and incorporate superior sea-keeping characteristics. Since its first vessel the Santa Ana was delivered in April 2011, P&O Maritime’s vessels have been regularly out-performing other vessels in the field. For example, increased operability is provided by a vessel design that allows the safe transfers of personnel in up to 2.0m significant wave height conditions. Each P&O Maritime vessel has a unique fine entry hull form, increased fuel efficiency and all vessels come with fuel monitoring capabilities as standard. Survey capability, fuel transfer and power washing capabilities have also been incorporated to add a multi-role capability to these vessels for inspection and maintenance support.

P&O Maritime is committed to developing vessels to meet the requirements of the European Offshore Renewables Industry has plans to expand its fleet of crew transfer vessels. P&O Maritime is also developing concept designs for Larger-vessel solutions, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the Operations and Maintenance phase of offshore wind farms. Vessel designs will include: DP2 Support Vessels for the O&M Phase of Offshore Wind, Larger Crew Transfer Vessels and Accommodation Support solutions.


Source: P&O Maritime, May 31, 2012