UK: Proposed Electrical Network Connections Raise Concerns

UK: Proposed Electrical Network Connections Raise Concerns

RWE npower renewables proposed electrical network connections in East Lindsey has created numerous concerns among the Councilors of this area, Skegness Standard reports.

The firm’s solutions to the connection of its offshore Triton Knoll wind farm with a substation in Bicker Fen could have disruptive impacts to the community.

The company’s initial plans were to set up underground DC cabling. Reportedly, they now plan to build AC cabling.

AC cabling is cheaper but requires a number of ‘reactive compensation compounds’ to balance the power being generated.

The councilors believe that this second option has been chosen to save money.

Councilor Colin Davie stated: “It’s quite clear that this is an attempt to save money by going for the cheapest option while enabling the company to claw back its investment by connecting numerous on shore wind farms to its proposed route, which is unacceptable.”

Official from RWE says that no decision has yet been made regarding the cable route or what the electrical infrastructure will comprise for the project.


Offshore WIND staff, July 2, 2012; Image: RWE

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