UK: Wello Announces Decommissioning Plan for Penguin WEC

UK Wello Announces Decommissioning Plan for Penguin WEC

Wello has released its decommissioning plan for their 500 kW ‘Penguin’ wave energy converter (WEC) at the European Marine Energy Centre’s (EMEC) wave test site, Billia Croo Orkney.

First installation of the mooring system and the Penguin I device was completed 30th June 2012 with recovery on the 9th September 2012. There are various test phases planned with the final test phase for Penguin I being scheduled to end during 2014.

Under sections 105 – 114 of the UK Energy Act 2004 all developers and owners of offshore renewable energy installations are required draw up and to submit a decommissioning programme to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

Part of this process involves consultation on a draft decommissioning programme with key stakeholders and the public. Responses received through this consultation process will inform the final Decommissioning Programme. .

The consultation period of 30 days will commence on Monday 18th March 2013 and end on Tuesday 15th April 2013.

Press Release, March 18, 2013