UK’s Calor upgrades its Aust LNG fueling station

UK provider of liquefied natural gas Calor has expanded its refueling network for natural gas-powered trucks by upgrading its Aust LNG facility near Bristol.

Part of Moto’s Severn View Services, the Aust facility is a vital refuelling stop for LNG-fuelled vehicles using the M4 corridor to travel to London or elsewhere in the UK, the company said in its statement.

“As part of this upgrade, the new system uses ‘zero loss’ cooling technology to keep LNG within the storage tank at the ideal temperature and pressure for refueling vehicles. Similar work has been carried out at Moto’s Donington Park, Lymm and Grantham service stations, to add to Calor’s growing LNG infrastructure of six public refueling facilities,” the statement reads.

The upgrades carried out by Calor are a response to the continued growth in demand for LNG as fuel for long-haul vehicles.

Mark Gilks, a transport specialist at Calor, said, “leading truck manufacturers are predicting that, by the early 2020s, vehicles powered by natural gas could account for 20 percent of all HGVs sold.”

Gilks noted that by upgrading its Aust facility, as well as its stations in Donnington, Lymm and Grantham, the company is readying the infrastructure to support the said growth.