Photo: Image Courtesy: Havariekommando; Kustwacht

Update: MSC to Fully Pay for North Sea Cleanup

Swiss shipowner Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has pledged to pay the full costs of the cleanup of the MSC Zoe container spill in the North Sea.

“MSC is committed to continue searching the sea for the containers which fell overboard, until the last one is found,” the company said on Saturday.

The shipowner added it would “ensure that the beaches of the Dutch and German coastlines are surveyed until all debris related to this incident has been cleared.” 

To remind, more than 200 containers are estimated to have fallen overboard from the Panama-flagged MSC Zoe while the vessel was battling rough weather on its journey toward Bremerhaven, Germany, on January 2.

Following the incident, MSC has been working with a number of salvage companies to clean up German and Dutch waters and beaches.

The company has now confirmed the appointment of Ardent Global to coordinate the search at sea in both countries, in full collaboration with relevant authorities.

Through joint collaboration, MSC and Ardent intend “to minimize the impact on the environment and safety of navigation from this accident.”