UPDATE: Nissum Bredning Growing Legs while Waiting for First Turbine

Article updated at 9:00 on 9 November 2017.

The fourth and final jacket foundation is now being installed at the Nissum Bredning site in Denmark, according to Jens Jørgen Birch from Nissum Brednings Vindmøllelaug.

Last jacket arrives in in the Thyborøn port; Image source: Nissum Brednings Vindmøllelaug (cropped)

The installation of the last foundation at position M3 started in the afternoon of 7 November. With the jacket structure being in place the next day, the team building the Nissum Bredning offshore wind project started hammering in the piles. The jacket is scheduled to be fully secured to the seabed today, 9 November.

The third jacket (position M1) was installed on 4 November, after the first two were put in place at positions M2 and M4 in early October and the concrete transition pieces were mounted on top of them later that month.

As the Nissum Bredning team is progressing with foundation installation, the first wind turbine is expected to sail out of Esbjerg on a barge, weather permitting. The turbines will be installed directly from the barge by using a large LR 11350 crane.

Installation of the third jacket; Image source: Nissum Brednings Vindmøllelaug I/S

Spanish joint venture Navantia-Windar is the manufacturer of the three-legged jacket foundations and accompanying piles for the 28MW project, while Aarsleff won the contract to build the concrete transition pieces and install the new gravity jacket foundation.

Aarsleff delivered the four transition pieces in October.

The Nissum Bredning project site off the Danish coast serves as a testbed for Siemens’ technology and will comprise four Siemens Gamesa 7MW direct drive wind turbines mounted on gravity jacket foundations.

Siemens will also install a new 66kV voltage solution including a new transformer, cable and switchgear systems, along with further innovations regarding tower and controller settings.

Offshore WIND Staff