USA: Aqueos Corporation Orders Build of SPLASH DSV

Aqueos Corporation have commissioned the build of SPLASH™ (Special Purpose Liveboat and Survey Hull) vessel to specifically address safety concerns with traditional methods of Liveboating.

Aqueos Corporation Orders Build of SPLASH DSV 2

SPLASH™ is a purpose built, 75’, catamaran hull incorporating proprietary technology with water jet propulsion, integrated specialty dive equipment including; built-in diver control and survey station, temperature controlled deck decompression chamber module, NITROX breathing system, diver operated jet pump, in-built hydraulic tooling unit and deck mounted crane.

The vessel will be shallow draft catamaran design with a 25 knot transit speed and an approximate 1000 nautical mile range.

Typical Liveboating involves a diver performing work underwater while his hose is being tended from the bow of a utility type vessel, which is not moored and using its main propulsion system to keep position with the diver. SPLASH™ is specifically designed to eliminate the obvious risks associated with this practice, including the potential of entanglement of the diver umbilical and equipment with the vessel propellers, the potential for injury to the diver jumping from the high bow freeboard to the water. Other safety considerations include a “raised” pilot house with integrated 360 degree view to monitor diver position as well as integrated USBL and diver work beacon to allow the vessel master to “see” diver’s subsea position relative to vessel position.

SPLASH™ is being manufactured by Metal Shark, LLC (Gravois Boats) of Jeanerette, LA which has been an instrumental partner to Aqueos in the design of this purpose built dive vessel. SPLASH™ is intended to be operational by the 4th quarter of 2014.


Aqueos, March 20, 2014

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