USA: Dockside Realty Trust Seeks Corps of Engineers Permit to Dredge, Reconstruct and Expand Hyannis Harbor

Dockside Realty Trust is seeking a permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to conduct work in waters of the United States in conjunction with dredging, and reconstructing and expanding an existing marina in Hyannis Inner Harbor on School Street in Hyannis, Mass.

The proposed work includes dredging to various depths with upland disposal of the material, removing the existing fixed pier and adding pile-anchored floating docks, all to reconstruct and expand an existing marina and to establish a reconfiguration perimeter at the expanded facility within which pile-anchored floating docks can be reconfigured. The marina will accommodate 40 vessels. The work involves dredging of approximately 8,900 cubic yards of material to various depths (ranging from a depth of – 6 feet mean low water (MLW) to a depth of – 12 feet MLW) from an area of approximately 95,400 square feet and adding approximately 3,636 square feet of permanent and seasonal docks to what was previously authorized for a total of approximately 6,538 square feet of docks at the reconfigured facility.

The dredging portion of this project will impact approximately 95,400 square feet of Essential Fish Habitat for various species and life stages. Habitat at this site can be described as silt and sand. Loss of this habitat is not likely to adversely affect any species using the area since the harbor bottom is of poor habitat quality and any life stages of any species using the area would only be present during the months when dredging would not be occurring because of state imposed time of year restrictions. Therefore, the Corps has made a preliminary determination that the site-specific adverse effect will not be substantial. Further consultation with the National Marine Fisheries Service regarding Essential Fish Habitat conservation recommendations is being conducted and will be concluded prior to the final permit decision.

The application for the federal permit was filed with the Corps of Engineers in compliance with Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act, which provides for federal regulation of any work in, or affecting navigable waters of the United States. The Corps public notice, with more detailed information on the proposed project, can be reviewed online at the Corps website Select Regulatory/Permitting and then weekly public notices and search by file number or state.


Source: usace, December 29, 2010