USA: Globe iFusion Wins Inmarsat 2010 Maritime Solution of the Year


Globe Wireless announces that Inmarsat has named Globe iFusion the 2010 Maritime Solution of the Year.

Globe Wireless became a FleetBroadband Distribution Partner in January 2010. In September 2010 Globe iFusion was released, making Globe Wireless the only Distribution Partner that is also a type approved FleetBroadband equipment manufacturer.

Chris D’Aguiar, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Inmarsat, presented the award during the Inmarsat Partner Conference in Saigon, Vietnam.

He said, “Despite their recent appointment as a DP, Globe Wireless have over performed against target and made themselves immediately busy in personalising the FleetBroadband service. They have not only invested in and launched a number of end user value adds and traffic control systems for the marine community; they have enhanced their solution suite by integrating the below deck equipment and personalising the FB terminals to provide a complete end to end maritime solution.”

The total solution provided by the Globe iFusion system is a completely new way for shipping companies to manage communication with their ships. For the first time, it will offer a one-stop-shop for hardware, installation, airtime, applications and maintenance. The system is comprised of two main components; The Globe i250 and the Globe iPortal.

The Globe i250, incorporating Inmarsat FleetBroadband 250, allows the user to make voice calls using a GSM handset or normal fixed-line telephone, send/receive email and fax, browse the Internet, and upload/download files. The Globe iPortal offers full shore-side control of the solution, including the administration of user profiles, browsing capabilities, firewall settings, satellite gateways and least cost routing.

Frank J. Coles, President & CEO of Globe Wireless said “We are extremely pleased to be recognized for the steps we have taken towards reinventing maritime communications. This award validates our position that a stand-alone terminal is not a viable solution for the modern maritime fleet.”

Mr. D’Aguiar added, “Inmarsat and our channel are stronger for this diversity, and the end user benefits from variety and choice.”


Source:  Globewireless, December 21, 2010;

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