USA: Tidal Power Developers Urge Co-Operation Between Maine and Nova Scotia

Maine and Nova Scotia should be working closely together to answer environmental questions regarding the tidal power industry according to forum held on Thursday in Halifax.

Ocean Renewable Power Co. director of project development John Ferland considers regional approach as the key to help the industry develop and save money.

Chronicle Herald quoted Mr. Ferland as saying: “There’s a great opportunity to take the research infrastructure and expertise, and project focus, that exists in Nova Scotia and align it with what we’re doing in Maine, and vice versa.”

Ocean Renewable is developing a tidal energy project in Cobscook Bay with putting a single 150-kilowatt turbine in the water this year and plans to add additional ones starting next year.

According to Mr. Ferland the two countries should be sharing the results of environmental research on the Bay of Fundy ecosystem instead of replicating research.

He explains that it would be easier to get the projects approval with publishing environmental studies faster.

Fundy Tidal founder Dana Morin said that he encourages more regional co-operation in environmental research but isn’t convinced how that would mesh with various government bodies in two countries.

He stated: “If we didn’t have to redo those works in different jurisdictions when we are that similar, it would be very helpful.”

Subsea World News Staff , May 18, 2012;  Image: ORPC

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