USA: Vantage Travel Presents Latest Addition to Its Fleet River Discovery II

Vantage Deluxe World Travel, a world renowned tour operator that will be celebrating 30 years of success in 2013, presented the newest addition to its fleet of superior European River Cruise Vessels. Dutch-based Shipyard DeHoop is responsible for designing and building the ms River Discovery II.

The vessel is the first of three 135 m vessels which have been ordered by Vantage Travel from Boston. Furthermore Vantage Travel has a 110 meter vessel on order. This newest vessel is part of a major $120 million fleet investment program, which will double Vantage’s river cruising fleet by 2014.

Measuring 135 meters, the maximum length allowed by European Union regulations, the ms River Discovery II boasts several innovative features including a fuel efficient propulsion system that allows for reduced emissions and earns the vessel a “green ship” designation, energy-saving LED lighting and canvas ceilings throughout the ship, the first-ever hydraulic sliding roof on a river cruising vessel for indoor/outdoor dining, and the largest full-service kitchen of any European river cruising vessel.

Holding 176 passengers and 45 crew members, the ms River Discovery II offers one of the best crew-to-passenger ratios available and the most public space of any Vantage European river cruising ship. With eight single staterooms, the ms River Discovery II also offers the most accommodations for single travelers of any European river cruising vessel currently in existence. This newest vessel is part of a major $120 million fleet investment program, which will double Vantage’s river cruising fleet by 2014.

I am very proud to introduce the ms River Discovery II to Vantage travelers. This is the beginning of a $120 million investment in our worldwide river fleet, and will make our European River Cruise experience more luxurious and intimate than ever before,” said Bret Gordon, Chief Operating Officer. “We listened to Vantage travelers, and made certain the design of our new ships would delight them. We’ve limited the number of passengers, and dramatically increased the amount of personal space onboard – both in public spaces and in the staterooms. This is really a new kind of river cruise experience.

The ms River Discovery II will make its inaugural voyage on March 23rd from Amsterdam, where guests will enjoy a Champagne naming ceremony and special Gala dinner before embarking on the popular “Waterways of Holland and Belgium: Tulips, Windmills and Canals” river cruise.

Shipyard De Hoop has a history of almost 1500 built vessels and more than 3000 designs. Although it is strong in the inland passenger vessels and offshore markets, virtually any ship can be completely engineered and built by De Hoop. Examples of this are the transport vessels “Brion” and “Breuil” built for Airbus, the cable layer “Sea Spider” built for Wagenborg and the semi-submersible diving platform “Amethyst” etc.


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, March 20, 2012;

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