USA: VT Halter Marine Lays Keel for Bouchard’s ATB

VT Halter Marine, Inc., a subsidiary of Vision Technologies Systems, Inc., yesterday laid the keel for Barge “B No. 270”, which is, in part, one of two Articulated Tug Barge (ATB) units being built for Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. (Bouchard). The barge measures 625 feet by 91 feet by 47 feet, has a 250,000-barrel capacity and will be used to transport liquid petroleum.

VT Halter Marine Lays Keel for ATB Unit

The barge is ABS and USCG certified for Jones Act service. Construction of the two units began April 2013 at VT Halter Marine’sPascagoula facility, with delivery scheduled for mid 2015.

VT Halter Marine has also scheduled a February 6, 2014 launch for the ocean going 112’ 4000hp ATB Tug “Denise A. Bouchard”, sister tug to the previously built “Evening Star”. Measuring 112 feet by 35 feet by 17 feet, the tug is classed by ABS as A1 Towing Vessel, Dual Mode, and is equipped with an Intercon Coupler System. Upon delivery, the ATB units and the Offshore Tug will enter into Bouchard’s fleet service in New York, N.Y.

Bouchard Transportation Co. Inc. is pleased with the progress of construction of the M/V Kim M. Bouchard & B. No.270 and the M/V Donna J. Bouchard & B. No.272 , the most modern, safest & efficient ATBs ever built for the Jones Act trade as well as the M/V Denise A. Bouchard which will be married up to the B. No.284.” ~ Morty S. BOUCHARD IV, Vice President of Operations, Bouchard Transportation.

The laying of the keel marks a major milestone in the construction schedule for these units. With construction of this first barge underway and the upcoming launch of the ATB tug, we proudly look forward to delivering these quality-built ATB units to our long-standing customer, the Bouchard Family.” ~ Bill SKINNER, Chief Executive Officer, VT Halter Marine.


VT Halter Marine, January 14, 2014