USACE Finishes Riverdale Levee Repairs

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flood teams recently wrapped up work in the St. Joe River basin, reported the Seattle District.

The Corps has finished work in St. Maries, Idaho, along the St. Joe River, after stabilizing about 300 feet of the Riverdale levee by placing material on the landward side and top of the levee.

USACE had also placed material along about 1,000 feet of the federally constructed levee and about 300 feet of the Shepherd Road levee in St. Maries.

The Kootenai basin team worked with Lincoln County to provide assistance at Callahan Creek in Troy, Montana, where they staged 2,500 tons of rock that could be used, if necessary, for a temporary emergency repair to the damaged levee in Troy.

The Corps also added that flood team members recently cleaned up job sites and returning to their regular jobs now that the major flood threat has passed.

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