USS John S. McCain to Be Fixed in Yokosuka

The guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain, which suffered major damage in a collision with an oil/chemical tanker Alnic MC, will be sent for repairs in Yokosuka, the US Navy informed.

The vessel departed Changi Naval Base on October 5 to meet heavy lift transport vessel MV Treasure. Over the next few days, it will be towed to deep water, where the heavy lift vessel will lower itself, secure the ship on a platform and then raise back up out of the water.

After the process of loading the ship is complete, Treasure will set sail to Yokosuka, where it is scheduled to arrive in October.

Damage assessments conducted while the ship was moored in Singapore since the August 21 collision revealed the scope of work could be completed in Japan at the lowest estimated cost and returns the ship to full service at the earliest opportunity.

The  destroyer collided with Alnic MC while the ships were underway in waters east of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore.

John S. McCain suffered significant damage to the port side aft resulting in flooding to nearby compartments, including berthing, machinery and communications rooms. In the weeks prior to departure from Singapore, the ship was prepared for the journey by conducting damage assessments and placing key systems in layup maintenance. A patch was also installed over damaged sections of the hull to restore watertight integrity.

Investigations are underway to determine the facts and circumstances of the collision.