USSI Provides Seismic Array for Acorn Energy (USA)

USSI Provides Seismic Array for Acorn Energy (USA)

US Seismic Systems, Inc., an Acorn Energy, Inc. company, recently announced that it has built and shipped an Ultra High Sensitivity fiber-optic based marine seismic array for oil & gas exploration.The system was purchased by an international service provider and is intended for use as a marine array to aid in the collection and interpretation of data in the hostile environment of deep sea oil and gas operations.

“Taking this cutting edge technology from R & D to order fulfillment is an exciting series of events for any company and Acorn Energy has given us all the tools necessary to make this happen,” said Jim Andersen, President of USSI. “The oil & gas industry continues to adopt new technology to meet the world’s increasing demand for energy and by deploying our cutting edge technology they now have one more arrow in their quiver.”

The contract, valued at over $800K, is the first completion of a cycle that starts with testing, evaluating and finally sales and shipment. USSI is moving forward upon this identical cycle with a number of its customers.

US Seismic Systems, Inc., designs, integrates, manufactures, and sells fiber optic sensing systems and solutions for the Energy and Defense markets. USSI utilizes all-optical fiber sensing technology for its state-of-the-art sensors. USSI’s proprietary optical fiber and electronics combine to form the sensor system. It is designed to replace the legacy electronic-based sensor systems at a lower cost and with improved performance and reliability.

Acorn Energy, Inc. is a holding company focused on making energy better by providing digital solutions for energy infrastructure asset management. The four businesses in which we have controlling interests, improve the world’s energy infrastructure by making it: more secure – providing security solutions for underwater energy infrastructure (DSIT); more reliable – providing condition-based monitoring to critical assets on the electric grid (GridSense, OmniMetrix) and more productive and efficient – increasing oil and gas production while lowering costs through use of permanent ultra-high sensitive seismic tools that allow for a more precise picture of reservoirs (US Seismic).


Subsea World News Staff , July 11, 2012; Image: Acorn Energy

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