Utility ROV Services Invests in Growth

Utility ROV Services (URS), has invested £6m million ($7.8 million) in two remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems showcased at their base in Glenrothes, Fife.

In addition, the company said it was recruiting 28 offshore employees who will work on back-to-back shifts operating the systems.

Furthermore, URS is said to plan additional investment, amounting to a sum of about £9 million ($11.7 million), to build a total of 5 ROVs.

The company’s enabling technology is the so-called UTROV.

It is marketed as remotely operated tool carrier which is suspended from a surface vessel via a load bearing umbilical. UTROV is equipped with thrusters to control its orientation and assist with positioning during operations. Operator feedback is provided through the cameras and lights mounted on the UTROV along with sensors that monitor the status and health of the system. Once mobilised the UTROV can be furnished with a number of specially designed tools to carry out subsea cutting, dredging and handling operations.

“Back in 2013 we took the risk of designing and building the first UTROV for commercial use, uncertain if the market would accept our unique approach to subsea operations despite the savings it offers,” Patrick Crawford, Utility ROV’s founder and managing director was quoted saying.

Subsea World News Staff


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