V.Group to manage Ultra Deep Solutions’ new DSV in Singapore

V.Ships Offshore, a part of V.Group, has been awarded a contract to provide full technical and crew management services for the dive support vessel (DSV) Lichtenstein owned by Ultra Deep Solutions (UDS) Singapore.

The vessel, which can accommodate up to 130 personnel including 30 crew members, will be managed by the V.Ships Offshore Singapore office.

Shel Hutton, chief executive officer UDS said: “We thank V.Ships for signing the contract with Ultra Deep Solutions. With their vast experience in offshore subsea management, we look forward to this great opportunity to work closely with them on our ‘fleet’ of vessels.”

Arvind Mohan, general manager, V.Ships Offshore Singapore added: “This is the first dive support vessel for UDS and we are pleased to be able to apply our existing offshore oil and gas expertise to support them in this new venture.”

According to UDS’ website, the DSV Lichtenstein is scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2017. It is a DP2 multi-purpose diving support vessel with an 18 men twin bell saturation system for depth down to 300 meter. The Lichtenstein has its own moonpool, an air diving system, and fitted with one work class and 1 Observation remotely operated vehicle with LARS.