VBMS in 66kV Blyth OWF Hook-Up

VBMS has been awarded a contract by EDF Energy Renewables to provide the subsea connection between the offshore turbines and the onshore grid for the Blyth offshore wind farm.

Reportedly, this will be the first project to use the new 66kV cable technology. The standard voltage for array cables until now has been 33kV, but with turbines growing in size, a higher specification cable has proven more cost-efficient.

EDF Energy Renewables is to install new turbine, foundation and cable technology in realistic offshore conditions before using the technology on a wider scale. The scope of work for VBMS includes the supply and installation of a total of approximately 14 kilometres of export and inter-array cable, the landfall pull ashore, and testing, terminations and commissioning services.

VBMS will be using one or more of its cable-laying vessels and burial tools and has contracted Nexans as the supplier for the 66kV inter-array cables. Work is scheduled to commence in 2017.

“VBMS is very proud to be the first company to connect a UK offshore wind farm to the grid using state-of-the-art 66kV subsea cables,” says managing director VBMS, Arno van Poppel. “Our involvement in this project illustrates our commitment to providing value to our customers by helping to reduce the overall cost of electricity.”

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