Veja Mate Foundations Installation Complete

Foundations installation has been completed on the Veja Mate offshore wind farm on October 27, 2016, Veja Mate Offshore Project GmbH informed.

The foundation contractor Offshore Wind Force VM (OWF), part of Boskalis, installed all 67 foundations in the German North Sea by using Scylla jack-up vessel for monopile and the Zaratan for transition piece installation.

Rasmus Miller, foundation package manager, said: “Project work has its ups and downs, but it is never boring. We had our fair share of challenges to overcome and without everyone staying ahead of the game, it was close to impossible to achieve project success. I am therefore extremely proud to say that everyone on our Veja Mate and OWF teams, stepped up to the plate and tackled our challenges head-on.”

The next steps in the construction of the wind farm will be to complete the energization of the offshore aubstation, the installation of the inter array cables and subsequently the wind turbines.