VERIPOS Wins New GNSS Services Contract

VERIPOS Wins New GNSS Services Contract

NCS Survey and InterMoor, both Acteon Companies, have awarded VERIPOS a new three-year contract for provision of GNSS positioning services.

The contract, which represents a continuation of long-term VERIPOS services provided to both companies on a worldwide basis, will be in support of their respective activities, particularly in and around North Sea and Brazilian offshore sectors. Facilities to be supplied include a full range of proprietary satellite positioning capabilities, including the company’s latest Apex2 service utilising Precise Point Positioning (PPP) methods in conjunction with both GPS and Glonass constellations. An extensive range of modular hardware comprising versatile integrated mobile units which can be configured to accommodate a wide range of positioning solutions will also be provided together with suites of processing software for determining and validating quality control data.

Commenting on the renewed contract award, VERIPOS EVP Commercial – Richard Turner said that it was particularly satisfying to continue supporting both InterMoor and NCS Survey, both world leaders in their respective fields, with a range of precision positioning services crucial for the success of their very specialised operations.

Chris Erni, Commercial Director at NCS Survey, commented that NCS Survey has been very pleased with the services and support provided by Veripos over a number of years, and the new contract award directly reflects this performance.

Karel Zuidweg, Survey Manager at InterMoor added that Veripos GNSS is an essential part of InterMoor’s leading rig positioning services and that the contract enables InterMoor to continue using Veripos high accuracy services on all projects worldwide.


Press Release, February 1, 2013