Video: Assessing tug and barge ops for tidal energy

The video released by Dynamic Systems Analysis (DSA) summarizes the work undertaken in an OERA research project whose aim was to develop a numerical model of a tug boat and its propulsion system to accurately predict its dynamic behavior in turbulent tidal flows.

The project, titled Advancing tidal turbine deployment and installation, operational maintenance and retrieval assessments through high fidelity tug propulsion and control simulation, began in November 2016.

The DSA team, led by Dean Steinke, aimed to develop new software for use by industry to improve tug/barge vessel simulation fidelity in high flow marine environments.

Specifically, the advanced simulation capability will be used to optimize turbine deployment, installation, maintenance, and retrieval operations in predicting power requirements, thrust and dynamic response, the Offshore Energy Research Association of Nova Scotia (OERA) said.

The simulations will help support decision making in reducing operational costs and decrease risk.

The project was concluded in March 2017.

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