VIDEO: DeltaStream device deployment

Video by Media Wales Video
Take a look at the video showcasing the deployment of Tidal Energy Ltd’s DeltaStream device into Ramsey Sound, off Wales.

Cardiff-based tidal energy developer, Tidal Energy Ltd, deployed its 400 kW DeltaStream demonstration device into Ramsey Sound, off Pembrokeshire, on Sunday, December 13, 2015.

The 400 kW demonstration device weighs 200 tonnes, with a frame 16 m long and 18 m high, and it was installed using ‘Siem Day 1’ offshore construction vessel.

A DeltaStream unit is comprised of a steel main base that can carry up to three turbines.

An independent horizontal tidal turbine can be mounted on to each nacelle, amounting to the total capacity of 1.2 MW a unit.

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