VIDEO: Drakoo-B wave energy converter

Hann-Ocean Energy (HOE) has constructed Drakoo-B wave energy converter with twin-chamber oscillating water column system that creates a continuous water flow which drives a hydro turbine generator to produce electricity.

The device operates when the incoming wave increases the inlet chamber’s water level, and the transfer of water from the inlet to the outlet chamber occurs.

When the water level outside the device decreases, both chambers’ water levels also fall, leading to a flow from the inlet to the outlet chamber.

The two-step action of the water columns occur continuously in waves.

The checkerboard valves regulate the water flow, which turns hydro turbine that generates electricity.

Drakoo Working Principle

Drakoo-B consists of three features: twin-chamber body, checkerboard valves and power take-off system.

The device is 2.88 m high, and 3 m wide, with the weight of 2.97 t. It has a nominal output of 2.6 kW, with the peak output of 4 kW.


Drakoo-B design works in fixed mode, but is also a modular concept suitable for the construction of wave energy array where the Drakoo units are installed side by side.

Drakoo-B can be fixed on shore, seabed or rigid breakwater.

The device also works in floating mode, by self-buoyancy or attached to existing floating structures, including floating wind turbines, semi-submerged oil rigs, floating jetties or floating breakwaters.

The Hann-Ocean group is a Singapore-based company that provides solutions through innovation in floating platform and marine renewable energy. It comprises three companies, namely Hann-Ocean Technology, Hann-Ocean Platforms and Hann-Ocean Energy.

Take a look at the video of a Drakoo-B device producing electricity from the sea.

Source/Images: Hann-Ocean Energy