VIDEO: EEL tidal energy converter generates first power

EEL Energy’s scaled tidal energy converter has produced first power during the tests in Ifremer’s flume tank in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France.

According to EEL Energy, the integration of the energy conversion units was tested for the first time on the membrane of the 1:6 scaled device.

EEL tidal converter consists of a membrane that optimizes energy transfer by coupling fluid flow with an undulating structure.

Energy is converted along the whole length of the membrane surface. A monitoring loop ensures optimized energy conversion in response to changes in flow conditions and power transmitted.

The membrane undulates under moving fluid pressure, and this periodic motion is transformed into electricity by an electromechanical system.

Earlier this year, EEL energy received funding in the amount of €500.000 from its partners Bpifrance and Nord-Pas de Calais region for the development of its tidal energy technology.

EEL Energy was created in 2011, with the aim of developing technology based on undulating membranes and coupling from fluids.