VIDEO: Tests finalized on SROV Surveyor Interceptor

Reach Subsea and MMT Sweden have recently finalized offshore tests on a new Survey ROV (SROV) Surveyor Interceptor, owned by the two companies in a JV, from the vessel Edda Fonn. 

Sea trials with the new SROV have been performed to collect background data for a specialized handling system, to test speed, maneuverability, stability, cable drag as well as data quality and density. The companies say that the test results demonstrate that the SROV has been able to reach the design speed of 8 knots. The vehicle produces high density data at 6 knots as well as 4 knots when operating close to pipe. The SROV, as a survey platform, is stable and multibeam data has less than 0.4% noise,

“It is a very competent machine operating faster than WROV’s and AUV’s with unsurpassed accuracy and data quality. The vehicle is robust and can operate for long periods underwater thus being a tool to make pipeline surveys and inspections more effective,” says Ola Oskarsson, founder of MMT Sweden and Project Manager.

According to the press release, the Surveyor Interceptor will perform its first commercial job in the first quarter 2015, a short survey for an international client.

Surveyor Interceptor ROV Official from MMT on Vimeo.

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