VIDEO: GROW:OffshoreWind’s Funding Advisor Speaks about UK’s Supply Chain

GROW:OffshoreWind, which recently provided a GBP 3 million funding for UK’s offshore wind operations and maintenance sector, provides intelligence and live data to target real offshore wind component manufacturing and maintenance opportunities. 

VIDEO: GROW:OffshoreWind's Funding Advisor Speaks about UK's Supply Chain

In the following video, Richard Ousey, Funding Advisor at GROW:OffshoreWind, speaks about GROW’s funding solutions, its help with securing contracts within the offshore wind industry and barriers that UK manufacturers face and how they can overcome them.

Currently, over 40 wind farms are planned for UK waters. GROW:OffshoreWind works in partnership with the Tier 1 customers to precisely understand their requirements and translate that insight in order to provide a competitive advantage for UK suppliers.

Watch the following video:

Offshore WIND Staff, May 26, 2014