Video: Keel Laying to Christening of Gerald R. Ford

Video: Keel Laying to Christening of Gerald R. Ford

Watch 4 years of construction in 4 minutes, from the Keel Laying Ceremony of Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) to the bottle break of the Christening on Nov. 9, 2013. The ship and its class will carry on the legacy of President Ford for a century.


Gerald R. Ford represents the next-generation class of aircraft carriers. The Ford class features a new nuclear power plant, a redesigned island, electromagnetic catapults, improved weapons movement, an enhanced flight deck capable of increased aircraft sortie rates, and growth margin for future technologies and reduced manning.

When USS Gerald R. Ford joins the Navy’s fleet in 2016, she will reign as America’s queen of the seas for 50 years,” said NNS President Matt Mulherin during the christening of Gerald R. Ford.


SBT Staff, November 14, 2013; Video: huntingtoningalls


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