VIDEO: Kongsberg Maritime Plunges into Subsea Exploration

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Kongsberg Maritime Plunges into Subsea Exploration

Through history, the human race has managed to gather an in-depth knowledge of the ways of the world, however two thirds of our planet remain a mystery, namely the world beneath the sea surface. A myriad of opportunities and potential lie underneath the water for scientific explorations, accessing necessary resources or monitoring the processes that are already underway.

A grasp of what lies ahead and how Kongsberg Maritime can support subsea projects with their technological solutions is shown in the following video:

Kongsberg is engaged in providing innovative solutions for various industries such as merchant marine, offshore, subsea, navy, coastal marine, fisheries, simulation & training, port & harbour surveillance etc.

The company’s subsea portfolio includes products such as acoustic communication and control, autonomous underwater vehicles – AUV, crude oil interface level measurement system, echo sounders, hydrographic data processing software, sonars and subsea environmental monitoring and positioning systems.

Subsea World News Staff, December 25, 2013


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