VIDEO: OPI M-WEC wave energy converter

Oscilla Power Inc. (OPI), a wave energy developer based in Seattle, is developing a patented magnetostrictive wave energy converter (M-WEC) aimed at reducing the cost of grid-scale electricity generated from ocean waves.

OPI M-WEC is a two-body point absorbing wave energy converter.

Energy is taken from the environment in the form of induced heave and pitch motion of the surface float through its reaction against a submerged heave plate structure.

OPI’s generators utilize the phenomenon of reverse magnetostriction – a property of ferromagnetic materials where applied changes in strain (the flux caused by waves) result in changes in the material’s magnetic field, where electromagnetic induction can be used to convert high-magnitude, low-displacement, mechanical load changes into electricity.


The heave plate acts as a submerged base which the surface float reacts against. It’s design is asymmetrical in order to minimize the chances of snap loadings.

OPI completed nine weeks of open ocean testing of the scaled device, conducted at Isle of Shoals, New Hampshire, early in 2014.

Take a look at the video showcasing OPI M-WEC wave energy converter.

Source/Images: Oscilla Power