VIDEO: Protean wave energy converter testing

Stonehenge Metals has recently concluded the ocean testing of the fully assembled Protean wave energy converter at Coogee Beach, Western Australia.

The testing showed that the Protean WEC functioned as anticipated and that it was responsive to wave motion even in very low wave height conditions.

The full assembly of the single proof of commercial applicability device that was tested included beach launching equipment, Protean mooring, counterweights, buoy and energy conversion mechanism.

The water depth of the test site was approximately 2.5 m.

The device provides a peak power output of 1.5 kW, which is enough to power one average household.

Following the conclusion of Coogee Beach testing, Stonehenge Metals received a formal approval to deploy 30 Protean WEC buoys at Bunbury Port, off Western Australia.

In addition, the company announced plans to install a commercial Protean wave farm off Hanimaadhoo Island in the Maldives.

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