VIDEO: Take a Tour of Besiktas Shipyard

Take a Tour of Besiktas Shipyard

Maintenance is a key aspect of keeping ships in service and improving their durability and life expectancy. Since all ships have to undergo maintenance at a certain stage of their service the crucial thing for owners is to ensure that maintenance operations are executed in a fashion where they don’t cause down time or off hire.

In the following video we bring you a drone footage of Turkish Besiktas Shipyard showing over a dozen of vessels undergoing repairs at the yard. These include ships from top shipping brands such as Maersk, Grimaldi Lines, NYK, TORM and Finnlines. From giant chemical tankers to car carriers and boxships, the shipyard workers have a lot of work on their hands.

Besiktas Shipyard specializes in both ship building and ship repair and has experience in building specialized ships such as chemical tankers and LPG carriers up to 26,000 dwt.

Giant cranes at the yard coupled with magnificent superstructures that ply our seas year-round, all shot by an autonomous drone are a testament of the endless ingenuity of man that never seizes to amaze. Enjoy!

Besiktas Shipyard through the eyes of a bird… from Besiktas Shipyard on Vimeo.

World Maritime News Staff; Video: Besiktas Shipyard